Three Herbs to Beat the Winter Blues

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With the changing of the weather and the darkening of the days often comes seasonal mood swings. Many people may find themselves experiencing some form of seasonal affective disorder or winter blues. You don’t have to sacrifice your happiness, however, as the last months of the year roll around. There are plenty of natural, herbal options for seasonal mood swings and depression, and we will be discussing three of those herbs today.

If you want to learn about a handful of potent mood enhancing and antidepressant herbs, then keep reading.



Many people are aware of chamomile’s relaxing qualities for daily use.

But chamomile can be a much more useful herb than it is given credit for.

Chamomile can treat not only anxiety but mild depression as well.

Regular use of this herbal option can help to further fight back against slumps of depression, signs of stress, and mood swings.

Chamomile provides a safe and gentle way of treating mild depression or seasonal depression.

As well as helping to eventually reduce uneasiness and stress that can have a negative effect on your mood and outlook on life.


Gotu Kola

Though this herb may sound a little strange and be a bit less well known than other mood enhancing herbs. That doesn’t make it any less effective for seasonal blues.

Gotu Kola is often used to treat mental health since it is a relaxant herb.

This herbal option helps to treat signs of mental unease or stress such as anxiety, poor quality sleep, insomnia, and mental fatigue.

All things that can dramatically affect your mental wellbeing and mood stability.

Gota Kola increases the output of feel good chemicals in the brain. Such as serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine, all chemicals in the brain that help to regulate mood swings.

Gotu Kola can bring a balance to your brain and mental health. Decreasing symptoms of anxiety, depression, and stress.


Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is most well-known for its calming qualities that have been used for as far back as the middle ages.

It is an herb that is very affective at treating anxiety and symptoms of stress as well as sleep disorders.

In combination with other similarly used herbs, lemon balm can be extremely effective at treating mental health.

Lemon balm is a mood enhancer and specifically helps the body to manage the negative impact of stress.

It is another good option as a daily supplement as regular use can make it more effective over time.


Seasonal depression and the winter blues don’t have to get you down and take over your holiday months.

There are so many options of safe and natural alternatives to medications that treat mental health and mood swings.

If you do not experience severe depression or mood instability, herbs are a great option for mood regulation.

They can be both a safe and effective way of controlling and treating signs of stress or the winter blues.


Hatton Naturals stocks all of the three herbs mentioned above in various forms according to how you want to take them.

Their quality is always incomparable, and their aim is to help you live your best, most healthy life.

So, if you want to give one or all three herbs a try this seasons, stop by Hatton Naturals store and give their selection a look.



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