Lemon Balm Leaf Cut & Sifted


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Lemon Balm Leaf Cut & Sifted can be added into any tea for a citrus and lemony tone. Actually, it doesn’t taste sour at all. In fact, the Lemon Balm Leaves when brewed together with any lightly flavored tea will bring a new sensation to the flavor. Besides that, it is noteworthy that you can also add them in dishes. Or even more, throw a bag of Lemon Balm Leaf in a warm bathtub to provide a soothing effect on your skin and respiratory system.

You may heard about some of the Lemon Balm Leaves health benefits before. It can improve your digestion, reduce anxiety and insomnia, help protect your nervous system, alleviate stress, and even help in thyroid health.

Hatton Naturals sources its certified organicv directly from small-scale farm co-ops in Albania.

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