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Drinking wild bilberry fruit tea can improve your eye health and prevent age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma, retinitis (eye infections), cataracts, and dry eyes. Hatton Naturals sources its certified organic WILD BILBERRY FRUIT directly from small-scale farm co-ops in Albania. If you like this tea’s unique flavor, you may also enjoy our organic WILD BILBERRIES LEAF.

Juice obtained from bilberries is used as edible ink for staining the meat.

ORIGIN: Albania

The Chaste Tree Berries makes a lovely and healthy cup of Chasteberry tea that served to alleviate PMS and menopause symptoms. It is famous for its hormone-balancing properties which helps in fertility and improves the health of the female reproductive system. Also, it is great in helping to improve skin condition. The Chasteberry tea has a mildly peppery taste which is very warming on the stomach and body. This organic herb should not be taken during pregnancy.

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ORIGIN: Albania

Fresh elderberries can commonly be processed into jams and jellies that are great on toast. The elderberry is also packed with many health benefits such as being an immune system booster, relieves urinary tract infections and allergies, and aids in your digestive health.

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Hawthorn Berries Cut & Sifted have a sweet and tangy in taste. No doubts, this ingredient naturally adds a subtle hint of sweet to any tea. It’s a great option for brewing tea in company of a fruity connotation. On the other hand, the Hawthorn Berries not only elevates the taste of any tea, it…

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ORIGIN: Albania

Hawthorn Berries are sweet and tangy in taste which is perfect for brewing tea that comes with a fruity connotation. Because of its distinct sweetness and sourness, it naturally adds a subtle hint of sweet to any tea, whether by its own or as combination with another tea base like Jasmine green tea or black tea.

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ORIGIN: Albania

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