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Assam Tea offers a rich, full-bodied strong cup and comes mainly in a granular form known as Assam CTC tea (CTC – cutting, tearing and curling) and Assam orthodox tea. Produced exclusively from the highly skilled tea region of Assam in India, this tea has proven its superiority by consistently delivering a full-bodied and malty flavour. It is amber in colour and has a rich aroma with a smoky allure finish. Assam tea is often served as a breakfast tea and is the most popular and palatable black tea.

ORIGIN: Sri Lanka

Black Ceylon Tea is grown in Sri Lanka. Perfumed with a smooth natural hint of citrus that is not too bitter on the palate, it is revered as a lively classic. Black Ceylon tea comes from partially fermenting young tea leaves. It has a notable crisp aroma, a dark strong body and is burnt red in colour. Organic Black Ceylon Tea makes a very nice afternoon tea and goes wonderfully well with snacks.

Organic Ceylon Cardamom FP Black Tea.

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Organic Ceylon Green CBSP Tea. COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Sri Lanka

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Ceylon Green tea BT2 is a smooth and fragrant tea grown in Sri Lanka (former British colony of Ceylon). Today, Ceylon Green Tea is produced on a select number of estates in the mid-grown and high-grown districts. Both Chinese and Japanese tea-making methods and green tea grades are employed in making green Ceylon Tea. With beautiful dark green tea leaves, the leaves may be rolled or twisted depending on the manufacturer. Ceylon Green Tea tends to be darker in both the dry and infused leaf, and their flavour is richer. They have a fuller body, a rather malty, nutty flavour and a pungent aroma.

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Ceylon OP – Black Tea originates in Sri Lanka, previously known as Ceylon. Contrary to its name, Black Ceylon Tea Orange Pekoe tea does not have an orange colour or flavour. Orange Pekoe merely refers to a tea leaf grading system in which the tea leaves are sorted based on their size and quality. It is a fine grade of black tea, consisting of whole tea leaves of particular sizes and buds. This tea has a smooth flavour, mellow aroma and natural sweetness and can be enjoyed as black tea or with a splash of milk.

1kg (2.2 lbs)5 kg ( 11 lbs)10 kgs (22 lbs)
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Chun Mee (Green) is a classic organic green tea originates from China and is nicknamed “Precious-Eyebrows”. This is because, during manufacturing, each leaf is hand-rolled into tiny needle-like shape with a slight curl making each leaf resemble an eyebrow. It is lightly jade-coloured and can have a lingering sweet after-taste. This tea is non-fermented keeping the leaf’s natural nutrients intact. Chun Mee makes a perfect beverage for times when you need a refreshing moment during the day.

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Organic Darjeeling Tea grows on the southern slopes of the Himalayas, located on India’s northern border. Darjeeling is one of the most sought-after tea beverages for its astringent qualities and its ability to indulge the taste buds. The second flush is harvested in June and is believed to have a somewhat less delicate flavour and a less spicy tone, yet a fuller body and a darker colour. Darjeeling Black Tea has an adventurous bouquet with a refreshing delicate floral aroma and a mildly fruity flavour. The tea produces an amber, full-bodied, muscatel-flavoured cup and is an exquisite tea, fit for the most occasions.

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Earl Grey is an exceptionally rich black tea blend which has been fermented to perfection and flavoured with the addition of bergamot oil. Bergamot, a variety of orange that is often grown in Italy and France, gives Earl Grey its signature pungent punch and fragrance. Earl Grey Tea has a light refreshing taste and is an excellent drink for any time of the day. It only needs 3-4 mins of preparation time and can be enjoyed on its own. It can also be beautifully accentuated with honey or a slice of lemon. Earl Grey tea is also used as a flavouring for many types of cakes and confectionery, such as chocolates, as well as savoury sauces.

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Gen Mai Cha was originally created by Japanese farmers unable to afford regular bancha tea. It is a classic tea consisting of whole Green Sencha tea leaves combined with roasted popped brown rice. It has a sweet, toasted flavour with a polished nutty beginning and a soft green finish. It is effervescent green in colour and has a mild and toasty aroma. Gen Mai Cha is a great tea for early dining, and well suited for afternoon dishes. It is used by people fasting for religious purposes or who found themselves to be between meals for long periods of time.


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