Rosehips for Strengthening the Immune System

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There is no time of the year where illnesses become more prominent than in the last few months of the year. This is the time for colds, runny noses, and many other seasonal upsets. Because of that, in today’s article we will be talking about rosehips.

Rosehips are something that is referred to as the fruit of the rose bush. These are powerful little remedies that may prove themselves to be invaluable in your medicine cabinet this season. So, if you are interested in learning more about how this accessory fruit can naturally strengthen your immune system. As well as how to use them, then keep reading because we will be talking all about their many benefits.


Antioxidant Rich

One quality that makes rosehips a very powerful immune supporting fruit is their rich amount of antioxidants. Antioxidants help to prevent illnesses as well as reduce oxidative stress. That can lead to more serious illnesses down the road. Making them very important to the body. Antioxidants provide helpful boost to the immune system allowing it to work at its fullest potential.

Rosehips are useful in strengthening the immune system as they contain a high amount of vitamins that aid in strengthening immunity. Especially during times of the year when the immune system is most taxed. Below, we will be talking about the most prominent and useful vitamin that rosehips contains.


Vitamin C

Rosehips have the highest content of vitamin C than all other fruits and vegetables. Making them a very rich source of vitamin C. Vitamin C plays an extremely important role in maintaining the immune systems strength. It stimulates the production of cells that fight against infection and protect your body. Vitamin C also helps to protect your exterior. That’s by strengthening your skin’s natural barrier against bacteria and outside pathogens. You can also use it for preventing illnesses and reducing their severity. As well as shortening the duration of the illness’s symptoms.



You can mostly use rosehips in the form of tea as they extract well in hot water and are pleasant tasting. They also create a very potent, very useful infusion if you really want to extract all of their medical properties.

Its tinctures can also be incredibly effective as a form of treatment when you feel the onset of an illness. Tinctures are stronger and not always very pleasant to take. However, they are a very potent way of taking rosehips and often prove useful.


Jams and jellies is another way of taking rosehips. Although that is less medically recognized. Jams and jellies can be very pleasant to take as a preventative measure when made from rosehips. They will not be as potent as the other previously mentioned ways of taking rosehips. But if eaten regularly, you will still get some of the benefits of the this product.

As you can see, there are many ways in which you can take rosehips to strengthen and boost your immune system. Rosehips are powerful, vitamin packed remedies. For treating and reducing the side effects of a weak immune system. For those who are not accustomed to natural remedies rosehips can be very pleasant to take.


Hatton Naturals supplies a section of both whole rosehips and cut rosehips and they always offer the highest quality. Are looking for rosehips as a natural way to protect and strengthen your immune system? Head on over to the Hatton Naturals store. The quality of their products will not disappoint you.



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