Chamomile Flowers TBC


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Chamomile Flowers Cut & Sifted provides an excellent floral-flavored tea that is absolutely soothing and warming. It has a soft flavour symmetrically to the light yellow of the cup of tea. It is worth noting that the most of chamomile flower’s tea comes from the aroma of the tea. This tea brings a lot of benefits to the table. It fights free radicals and helps protecting you from cardiovascular diseases. Besides that, it’s great to alleviate insomnia and indigestion.

Hatton Naturals sources its certified organic Chamomile Flowers Cut & Sifted directly from small-scale farm co-ops in Croatia. If you like this tea’s unique flavor, you may also enjoy our organic SWEET BLACKBERRY LEAF.

Chamomile flower extracts are usually added into shampoos. Specially for its benefits in terms of hair dryness and dandruff.


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