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Ashwagandha root has a Latin name, ‘Withania somnifera’. It is a five foot tall deep-green leafed shrub which belongs to the Solanaceae family. The root has clusters of pale yellow flowers and a red fruit growing in the center of the flower. The roots grow up to eight to twelve centimeters long and are used as organic herbs. It is said to have a pretty unique and strong flavour when brewed as a tea.

Organic Astragalus Cut and sifted.

These wild bilberries leaves cut & sifted are in the same family as the delicious blueberries! Wild Bilberry Leaf can be an excellent choice to makes flavorful teas like its fruits, but it doesn’t give that grapey and fruity taste. Besides that, you can elevate the taste dimension by adding some lemon juice, honey, or…

Enjoy the well known benefits from the Birch Leaf by simply brewing it as tea.

Blackberry Common Leaf Cut and sifted is an awesome product because of its anti-oxidants and its old black tea taste in comparison to the blackberry fruit. By brewing a teaspoon of this kind of dried blackberry leaf in hot water and drinking the tea it will enough. Hatton Naturals sources its certified organic Blackberry Leaf…

You can get all the benefits of this ingredient easily by simply brewing a heaping teaspoon of dried blackberry leaves in hot water and drinking the tea.


Organic Burdock Root Cut and sifted

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The calendula plant has anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial properties. Hatton Naturals sources its certified organic CALENDULA directly from small-scale farm co-ops in Albania. If you like this tea’s unique flavor, you may also enjoy our organic SUNFLOWER PETALS.


Chamomile Flowers Cut & Sifted provides an excellent floral-flavored tea that is absolutely soothing and warming. It has a soft flavor symmetrically to the light yellow of the cup of tea. It is worth noting that the most of chamomile flower’s tea comes from the aroma of the tea. This tea brings a lot of…


Hatton Naturals sources its certified organic CHAMOMILE directly from small-scale farm co-ops in Croatia.

The root of this herb, when roasted, dried and ground has a flavour similar to that of coffee and is thus a healthy caffeine-free substitute for coffee. Chicory root is a rich source of dietary fiber and hence can be used in cereals for breakfast. It can also be used as a spice in various cuisines and also to flavour teas. It is packed with a lot of antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties making it a medicinal herb.


In comparison to orange, red, pink and yellow, this kind of cornflower petal is header to find. It is a great option as a tea ingredient, due to their health benefits. Besides that, you can use it to treat constipation, fever, chest congestion and edema. For Women it is also helpfull in regulating menstrual disorders…

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The Red Cornflower is usually taken in the form of tea, and are known for their health benefits. They are used to treat fever, constipation, water retention, and chest congestion. Women also take the Red Cornflower as it can help in regulating menstrual disorders and prevent vaginal yeast infections. The Red Cornflower has a unique slightly spicy and sweet taste, something like cloves.

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The Dandelion has detoxifying properties, reduces bloating, healing effects for stomach issues, and even helps in alleviating joint pains.

Also many drinkers of dandelion tea have used this beverage as a substitute for coffee.

If you like this tea’s unique flavor, you may also enjoy our organic DANDELION ROOTS

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The Dandelion root is a natural stimulant that gives you a good energy boost in the morning.

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