Three Ways to Use Elderberry for Cold and Flu Season

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Elderberry is an age old, home remedy for many things. Most specifically for seasonal illnesses like colds and the flu.

They are tasty little, purple berries that have proven themselves to be incredibly effective. Especially when it comes to aiding the immune system in doing its job.

Elderberries are known to help reduce pain and inflammation. Helping to make seasonal illnesses more bearable, as well as the ability to fight against the influenza.

They contain many good qualities, but their biggest health benefit is that they contain hemagglutinin protein.

A protein which is known to inhibit the replicating of viruses.

Today we will be discussing three forms that you can use to take elderberries this season as the weather gets colder and cold and flu season creeps up.


Elderberry Syrup

One of the most common ways of taking advantage of elderberry’s potent, health benefits is by either buying elderberry syrup or making your own.

Elderberry syrup is a very enjoyable way of infusing elderberries.

It creates a sweet and fruity syrup that can be used in tea, by the spoonful, or in place of normal syrups.


Elderberry syrup is also a good option for small children who would otherwise not want to take medicine.

Since elderberry syrup is proven to be most effective that way and builds up the immune system. The syrup is often used regularly throughout the colder seasons.

It has shown the ability to reduce the severity of viruses that cause illnesses.

Illnesses such as colds and flu and reduces the amount of time that you will feel sick.


Elderberry Infused Vinegar

Elderberry vinegar is a stronger option for those of you who do not mind taking something a little more acidic and less pleasant to the taste.

Much like a tincture, infusing elderberries in raw, apple cider vinegar will help you to extract as much goodness from the berries as you can.

You can use elderberry infused vinegar in salad dressings, marinades, or preferably, as a wellness shot.


Taking elderberries as a vinegar also gives you a much longer shelf life to work with.

Many people even keep a bottle year-round to help fight off any impending illnesses. Even using it for seasonal allergies, such as hay fever.


Elderberry Tea


Another very common way of taking any kind of natural medicine is by taking it in the form of tea.

Elderberries make an exceptionally tasty tea whether you drink it warm or cold.

If you want an extra nourishing treat, you could sweeten it with some elderberry syrup.

Tea itself is quiet a useful remedy for seasonal illnesses as it can clear congestion and ease a sore throat. Making it the best option in some cases.

To make an elderberry tea you can make it the way that you would any other herbal tea.

But if you really want to extract the benefits of the berries you can boil the tea for five to ten minutes.

Elderberries pack a powerful, antiviral punch for the time of the year for runny noses and colds.

Making them a wonderful, home remedy to keep stocked up in the cupboard.

As mentioned above, it is also a great option for your family. As even the pickiest child couldn’t turn down a spoon full of sweet elderberry syrup.

These concoctions can be either made at home or bought from your local health store.

But, if you wish to enjoy the long-term benefits of elderberries. Then it is much more cost effective to buy the berries in bulk to use in your own home remedies.

Hatton Naturals has a wonderful selection of high-quality elderberries that you can use in your home. Whether you decide to make elderberry syrup, vinegar, or tea.




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