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The Red Cornflower is usually taken in the form of tea, and are known for their health benefits. They are used to treat fever, constipation, water retention, and chest congestion. Women also take the Red Cornflower as it can help in regulating menstrual disorders and prevent vaginal yeast infections. The Red Cornflower has a unique slightly spicy and sweet taste, something like cloves.

ORIGIN: Albania

The Dandelion has detoxifying properties, reduces bloating, healing effects for stomach issues, and even helps in alleviating joint pains.

Also many drinkers of dandelion tea have used this beverage as a substitute for coffee.

If you like this tea’s unique flavor, you may also enjoy our organic DANDELION ROOTS

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The Dandelion root is a natural stimulant that gives you a good energy boost in the morning.

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Gotu Kola is a rejuvenating herb that grows in temperate and tropical swampy areas. This slender-stemmed plant is highly renowned for its culinary and medicinal use. It can be chopped and sprinkled on soups and salads, adding a fresh and nutritional value to them. Gotu Kola can also be used in the preparation of a variety of dishes ranging from dal, jackfruit and pumpkin curries to porridges. This herb has been used for thousands of years in traditional Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine and is known to promote relaxation and meditation.

ORIGIN: Sri Lanka

Gotu Kola is a perennial herb found in the wetlands of Asia. The leaf of this herb when powdered has a mild to a slightly bitter taste. It has long been used as a medicinal herb in traditional Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine because of its many health benefits. It is used to heal wounds, improve mental clarity, and treat skin conditions. Gotu Kola Powder can be consumed with teas or with a plain glass of water, in smoothies, and in juices. For a relaxing cup of tea, add a spoonful of Gotu Kola Powder and sweeten to taste with additives like sugar or honey. When added to a spoonful of ghee, it has digestive healing properties.

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¡Get Hawthorn Leaf & Flower Cut & Sifted at the best price! The Hawthorn Leaf & Flower helps to make a very soothing and warm tea with a slightly sweet and sour flavor. Definitely, it’s the perfect brew for a chilly night. Hatton Naturals sources its certified organic Hawthorn Leaf & Flower Cut & Sifted…


Henna is a dye prepared from the henna tree. Henna has been used since ancient times and even today to dye and nourish the hair. The powder is also used in body art and to dye fingernails, a common practice in many Asian countries. To make a hair pack, mix some water, yogurt or egg with a little Henna powder and apply the thick paste to your hair. Leave in for a few hours and wash with water. Finish with a little oil for soft and glossy lustrous hair. Henna powder can also be used to dye fabrics like silk, wool and leather.


Hibiscus plants are known for their brightly coloured flowers and are widely grown in warm tropical climate. A brightly coloured pink tea can be brewed by boiling its dried flowers or sepals. This beverage is quite popular around the world for its high medicinal value. The tea can be served with mint and strawberries and goes well with soft gingerbread cookies and meringues. The leaves and flowers of this herb can be crushed and used as a paste along with coconut oil to nourish and strengthen hair. Hibiscus leaf extracts are also known to cure wrinkles and prevent premature greying.


Indigo is a natural dye that is obtained from the plant Indigofera tinctoria. The powder can be used as a natural and healthier alternative to synthetic/chemical hair dyes and is perfect for people with sensitive skin. Indigo powder is prepared by grinding the dried leaves of the Indigo plant. The paste should be mixed with water and applied on the hair and left on for 2-3 hours or overnight for a dark black look. Sometimes essential oils are added to give it an extra fragrance. For best results, Indigo powder should be combined with Henna powder.

ORIGIN: Albania

If you like this tea’s unique flavor, you may also enjoy our organic SPEARMINT, CUT & SIFTED.

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