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PAINTING: Image of Vincent Van Gogh's painting "Wheat field with Cornflower." Image courtesy of the Creative Commons.

Blue Cornflowers has been used by nations across the world for centuries. Famed artist Vincent Van Gogh even depicted them in his 1890 painting “Wheat field with Cornflower.”

At Hatton Naturals, we source our certified organic Blue Cornflower Petals. Directly from small-scale co-ops west of Greece in Albania. These wild-harvested Blue Cornflower Petals come from a brilliant blue flower often found with grains like wheat. After harvesting and drying out the petals, it’s useful for many products. It helps to enhance flavors, smells and provide medicinal benefits.

Medical Benefits & Tea

The extensive benefits vary from panic relief for things like menstrual cramps, fevers and irritations to ears-nose-throat (ENT) congestion. Additionally, rapid weather changes and pollution means we need to take an active role in taking care of our ENT and respiratory system period. We know that pain decreases productivity and increases stress. Therefore, adding Blue Cornflower Petals to our regular beverages like tea can help soothe those discomforts.

There are lots of creative methods of using Blue Cornflower Petals to treat pain and congestion that involve direct applications. However, Hatton Naturals, our preferred method is through tea. This organic botanical provides benefits to many homemade recipes, the most popular of which is Earl Grey. Although Earl Grey is a good starter tea to add these petals to, do not be afraid to get experimental. Also, try infusing this dried Blue Cornflower Petal to your favorite beverages.

 Other Uses

PHOTO: Photo of dried, harvested Blue Cornflower Petals on a white back ground. Photo by Hatton Naturals.

Our Blue Cornflower petals are a summer favorite for beverages. The beautiful coloring stays with the petals even when dried.

You can use blue Cornflowers Petals in foods like ice creams and salads to add flavor and make more colorful. In both instances, it adds color and is harmless to the directly ingest.

Outside of tea and foods, Blue Cornflower petals is in soaps. This botanical pairs with Lemongrass and Lavender in soap-making giving off a unique, fresh scent. Furthermore, Blue Cornflower enhances the elegance of a bar of soap.

Whether you’re treating body discomforts or treating yourself, Hatton Naturals has you covered. Our stock allows for hobbyist and larger businesses to order their Blue Cornflower Petals.

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