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Hatton Naturals sells bulk herbs and spices for hobbyist and small businesses. Business accounts can access these same products bulk herbs and spices at wholesale pricing. At Hatton Naturals, we source our certified organic Chamomile Flowers directly from small-scale co-ops in Croatia. Our wild-harvested Chamomile Flowers’ benefits make it must additions to brews and cosmetics.

PHOTO: Chamomile cut and sifted. Photo by Hatton Naturals.

Like many of our products, we offer a cut and sifted quality for finer pieces. This is easier to blend than the whole capitula.



Since the times in which pharaohs ruled Egypt, Chamomile’s revered for its medicinal uses. Most uses come down to the flower’s soothing effects. From heartburn to upset stomachs, Chamomile calms the body and acts as an anti-inflammatory agent.

In addition to Chamomile soothing physical ailments, it aids in treating insomnia too. Stress and an active mind can keep you awake at night. Now with infinite media and information at our literal fingertips, we find ourselves losing more sleep. Chamomile calming properties fight sleep deprivement, meaning fuller, better sleep.

The most traditional method of using Chamomile to treat insomnia is tea. Steep the dried flower for 5 to 10 minutes in a covered saucer. Once cooled, drink the tea before getting ready for bed.


Because Chamomile is known as a tea botanical for its sleep-inducing use, many forget it’s found in other beverages too. Brewers often use the flowers’ head, the capitula, as an herb for beer.

PHOTO: Chamomile tea in fancy teacup. A Chamomile flower is floating at the surface. Photo courtesy of Pixabay.

Chamomile flowers look similar to the daisy.

Additionally, the flavor pairs with ingredients like honey, strawberries and pineapple for a variety of tasty cocktails.


Lastly, Chamomile is an active ingredient in many cosmetics for its earthy scent and soothing properties.

Coming from the Greek word for “earth apple,” Chamomile gives off a rich apple-like aroma. Moreover, this makes it a popular additive for shampoos, conditioners, potpurris and lotions. When used directly on skin it can even skin. Though mild skin conditions like eczema are treatable with Chamomile, continue using Hydrocortisone cream. Like in many instances, Chamomile should supplement not replace other methods of treating yourself.

Similarly to Chamomile’s use in tea, adding this flower to a bath bomb recipe can aid in sleep deprivation. Warm water already calms the body, so the effects of Chamomile is stacking the benefits.

Whether you’re treating body discomforts or treating yourself, Hatton Naturals has you covered. Our stock allows for hobbyist and larger businesses to order their Chamomile Flowers.

Priced by the pound, check them out here. If you are interested in opening a business account, email us at


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